13th January 2021

HyFM Mercury

Small but nice – that's the description.
We start the year with many announcements, so we announce our latest project next to Hyrien Neptune. HyFM will get a brand new website in the coming period. The new website will be named after the first planet of the solar system and published under the name HyFM Mercury.


With an online time of 99.9%, our Discord bot offers an incredible experience. With a music quality of 320 kbits you can hear our channels in the best sound there is.
You can also easily customize your bot. We offer functions such as changing the prefix, a language of your choice and a preferred volume. With the command !help you can list all available commands.



We offer our own music bot for our partner Teamspeak. From New Jersey comes an incredible sound for all locations in the world.
With one request you get between one and five music bots for your own server. You can choose your own preferences such as volume and the channel.